These videos were made shortly after Laudato Si` came out. In the first video, there are interviews with Canada’s own David Suzuki, Maude Barlow, Tony Clarke, Fr. Bill Clark SJ, Silver Donald Cameron, Sr. Gertie Josksch CS, Ben Powless, Gregor Robertson, Catherine Abreu, and Sr. Maura McGrath CND. All of these names are links; if you click on them, you can find out more about the work they have done to Care for our Common Home.

This 36-minute video gives a broad overview of the major themes presented by Pope Francis in Laudato Si` and speaks to what is happening in the Canadian context in responding to these challenges. The CLW has this video posted on the page, and this type of work is part of a 5-year educational theme for them. If you would like more information on this, please click HERE.

The second video was created as an update, on what has happened in five years since the Pope’s encyclical has come out. And the third video is seven years after the promulgation of Laudato Si`.

Need a copy of Laudato Si`?

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