Letter to Parishioners regarding Ash Wednesday 2020 Letter to Victims


February 26, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ of the Archdiocese of Regina,

In the Ash Wednesday liturgy, we are marked by the sign of ashes, by the sign of the cross. As individuals and as church, we acknowledge our failings and turn to the crucified and risen Lord and to each other in repentance, ready to walk a journey of healing and transformation. As church community, an essential part of that journey is walking with those we have wounded. This year, as last year, I have written a letter to victims of clergy sexual abuse within the Archdiocese, mindful of the tragic legacy of abuse in our region. Last year the principal focus of that letter was to offer an apology and to invite victims to come forward if they wished to report their abuse or if there was anything that we as church could do to assist them on a journey towards healing. This year’s letter revisits that apology, and it seeks any advice or guidance that victims would wish to share as the church seeks to be transparent and accountable and to accompany victims in a way that is helpful.

Making the church as safe as possible for all minors and vulnerable people, reaching out to those who have been wounded by the church, and striving to become more welcoming, transparent and accountable as a faith community, these are tasks for the church as a whole. I encourage you to attend prayer services for victims when they are held in your parish, to participate in educational events in your parish or deanery, and to take the time to read our policy on clergy sexual abuse. When the policy was promulgated last September, we invited feedback on the policy over the next six months. If you have read the policy and have suggestions to offer, please send them to my executive assistant Bernadette Gettis at bgettisatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

If you feel drawn to be more involved in this area work, please contact your pastor or our delegate, Fr. Brad Fahlman, at bfahlmanatarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Wishing you a blessed season of Lent.

Bishop Don

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