Trauma Counselling: Navigating the Pain of Clergy Sexual Abuse


Over the last four years, a core working group on clergy sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Regina has looked at issues related to such abuse. One area that continued to come up was that victims often were unable to find people trained in the specific area of the traumatic effects of childhood sexual abuse that continued into their adult lives. If such services were available, they were often very costly. The group decided to see if there was a solution that could help victims in a positive way.

The initial research was not all that promising. What victims had indicated was holding true; there simply were not many counsellors for victims to utilize on the topic of clergy sexual abuse and the trauma it causes. This did not deter the group and a wider search was done. This resulted in a few potential contacts. Most did not work out. However, one response from an agency resulted in further discussions which then leading to an in-person meeting in late July 2019. That began a process that resulted in Lorie Harrison being contracted by the Archdiocese of Regina to work with victims one day a week. Lorie is a certified counsellor who specializes in working with adults sexually abused as children and the complex trauma that results. She is also part of an organization Heart-Song Complex Trauma Program

In this video, Lorie will explain a bit about the work that she does. The Archdiocese has developed a plan that does not force victims to report to the diocese in order to receive counselling services. Although people working in this area can direct people to Lorie, victims are able to self-refer through a confidential phone number with a confidential voice mail 1- (639) 317-8104. She can also be reached through confidential email at lorieatheart-song [dot] ca. Take the time to watch the video and please feel free to reach out to Lorie if you have questions or want to talk. Walking together one step and one breath at a time means no victim has to walk alone.

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