Youth Ministry

Ever wonder what Youth Ministry really is? 

Is there more to it than just eating pizza and playing dodgeball? (hint: yes)

Do you desire for your parish to be welcoming to youth? (hint: it can be!)

The Office of Youth Ministry is now offering Youth Ministry workshops! Call and book yours today!


MyGen 2017 Wrap Up Video

Hightlights fromt the MyGen Youth Rally

MyGen 2016 Keynote 1 - Colm Leyne

MyGen 2016 Keynote 2 - Colm Leyne

MyGen 2016 Special Guests | Friends on the Outside

What's New

·    A workshop called Walk With Me – The Ministry of Accompaniment. It will run from 10:00am till 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

Event begins on January 16, 2019

Reclaiming the Sacred

Last updated on November 14, 2018

 Reclaiming the Sacred


Please join us November 24th, 10am - 4pm , 445 Broad St. N.  for Reclaiming the Sacred: Helping youth thrive in a hyper-sexualized culture. Presenter Leah Perrault will break open the state of our current culture, and how we can reclaim for ourselves and our children the sacredness of human sexuality. Cost $10 - includes lunch.

Event begins on November 24, 2018

Bishop's Cup BB Tourney

Last updated on April 19, 2018

By Frank Flegel

It was a hard-fought battle but when it ended the clergy team beat the student all-star team 23-22 in the first annual Bishop’s Cup basketball tournament held April 17 at Miller Catholic High School.

“I think they gave us a few points,” said the sweating team captain, Regina Archbishop Don Bolen, following the game. His team was made up of clergy from the Regina archdiocese. Their all-star opponents were selected from the student teams that were playing earlier in the evening. They were mostly high school students from Grade eight and up and several played regularly on their school teams. This was the first time the tournament was held in Regina. “We started this in Saskatoon,” said Bolen who was Bishop of Saskatoon prior to his appointment as Archbishop of Regina. “It was such a fun time for everyone we thought to try it here.”

Cheryl Harvey’s Miller High School Catholic Studies 10 class took on the task of organizing the tournament as part of...

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Youth Leadership Camp

Last updated on March 27, 2018

Archdiocese of Regina Leadership Camp

All teens are invited to join us at the Archdiocese of Regina Leadership Camp this August. This summer camp experience for teens and young adults is an action packed 4 days. It will be full of time for adventure, time for stillness, time for prayer as well as time for all the things that every good camp has….great food, night games, beach time, campfires, hikes etc. There are TWO camps:

- One for those ENTERING grades 10- 1st year University in the Fall of 2018 (AUG. 12-15) 

- One  for those ENTERING grades 7-9 in the Fall of 2018 (AUG. 16-19) 

This camp fills up quickly and spaces are quite limited. We hope you consider joining us as we enjoy a week in HOLYwood…..which is a much better place to visit than HOLLYwood. ; ) Registration forms are available from the church office or can be found at or by emailing ymoarchregina [dot] sk [dot] ca


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MyGen's "Where Do I Fit" A Success!

Last updated on March 27, 2018

They came from all over the Regina Archdiocese, by bus, by car, and some were dropped off by their parents for two days of fun and learning more about their Catholic faith.

It was the annual MyGen youth rally held March 17 and 18 at Michael C. O’Neill Catholic High School. The Regina Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Team led by Youth Ministry Co-ordinators Michelle Braden and Braden Kuntz, and assisted by a team of 70 young adult volunteers, an army of knights, numerous CWL members and a committed core from Regina Catholic School Division organized the two-day rally. More than one hundred high school boys and girls were greeted on the first day with upbeat praise music performed by the Rally Band, a group of young musicians who come together and lead worship for the rally. The band provided all the music ministry for the weekend, including breaks between sessions.

Saturday was the busiest day. After introductions, the Rally theme “Where Do I Fit?”  was presented along with...

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“Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God” (Lk 1:30)

Dear young people,

World Youth Day 2018 represents another step in preparation for the international WYD due to take place in Panama in January 2019.  This new stage of our pilgrimage falls in the same year that the Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will meet on the theme: Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.  This is a happy coincidence.  The focus, prayer and reflection of the Church will turn to you young people, with the desire to receive and, above all, to embrace the precious gift that you are to God, to the Church and to the world.

As you already know, we have chosen to be accompanied on this journey by the example and intercession of Mary, the young woman of Nazareth whom God chose as the Mother of his Son.  She walks with us towards the Synod and towards the WYD in Panama.  If last year we were guided by the words of her canticle of praise – “The Almighty has...

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Cuernavaca Reconstruction Post Earthquake

Last updated on February 13, 2018

“It looks like Fred Flintstone's house!  This was the comment heard when we (15 Canadians) arrived for the blessing of the first Super adobe house built after the earthquake.  Thanks to friends, and the generous contribution from the Archdiocese of Regina, a family of five were about to move from a pile of rubble that once was their home to this beautiful solid new structure.  The Madrinas (godmother's of the house) arrived in procession with flowers, wreaths, and carrying the cross.  The new owners met them and blessed the cross with flower petals and incense.  All of this was placed on an alter, from which the corners of the house were blessed and then, a rosary, litany and various other prayers were recited by the crowd. 

There were many moving moments in the afternoon.  When the mother of the architect and the grandmother of the house met and hugged there was an audible sigh went through the people.  The architect's mother turned to the crowd and said “She has asked me...

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Student Board Members At 1st Meeting

Last updated on March 22, 2018

By Frank Flegel

Bronwyn Heerspink said she was quite pleased at the reception she and two of her Miller High School classmates received when they attended their first meeting of the Regina Catholic School Division’s Board of Trustees February 5 meeting.

“I was a little bit worried. It’s kind of daunting when you first go in at the start but it’s very open, very welcoming and I felt quite comfortable.” Heerspink is one of several high school students, elected by students at their schools to become student Board members for the Regina Catholic School Division. She initially thought that as student trustees they would be just “poster children to sit there with a smile on their faces,” but she came to realize differently. “They really do care about our opinion and our voices and that’s very comforting.”   

The idea for this venture originated with the division’s Director of Education, Domenic Scuglia. He joined the Division last year from Ontario where student...

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Mission Trip Has Huge Impact!

Last updated on February 7, 2018

By Michaela Lang

To say The King Children’s Home, Belize had a huge impact on my life is an understatement. It was life changing. Much like our daily lives, God’s plan for this mission trip was not the same as ours, and it certainly was not the experience I expected to have. When we arrived, the projects we anticipated doing, were not ready to be started. So we spent our 7 days being very present with the children and young adults. Spending two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon with the younger children and two hours with the teens, which was soon known as “Teen Club”. I never would have imagined the impact these young adults would have had on my life.

I had spent the last couple years in my life with a void in my heart. A void that seemed like no one nor any thing could fill it. But although the teen club had a rocky start, the time spent with them showed me a community of love, God’s love, and self-love. The friendships I made at King Children’s...

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Western Canada Youth Ministers Meet in Regina

Last updated on January 23, 2018

By Frank Flegel

God is present in every moment of our lives; that was one of the messages heard by about 45 people working in youth ministry across Western Canada, gathered at the Double Tree Hotel here. Michelle Braden, Regina Archdiocese Youth Coordinator, identified the occasion as their annual gathering to hear inspirational speakers, discuss the business side of their organization, elect a new executive, and socialize. The election of new executive for the year was a scheduled part of their agenda.  

Parker Love was the keynote speaker for the morning session. He is in his fifth year as a seminarian and expects to be ordained to the temporary diaconate in June and to the priesthood in 2019. He is doing his intern year at Regina’s Resurrection Parish where he is involved in all aspects of this large and busy parish. As keynote speaker his message was of recognizing God’s presence in our lives, especially in times of suffering. He described how, “If you want to see...

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