1988: Sr. Harriet Schnurr SSND was hired by Archdiocese as a part-time spiritual director. Her duties included spiritual direction, workshops, and retreats. Direction sessions were held in rented space at John Paul II Centre. Stipends were paid to the archdiocese as recovery.

1992 - 1994: The Jesuit Community decided to gift the archdiocese with a training program for spiritual directors (Jubilee Year of Jesuit Order).  Rev. Paul Dungan, S.J. and Sr. Harriet Schnurr, SSND, approached Archbishop Charles Halpin who approved the program.  The training program was sponsored by the Archdiocese of Regina, Campion College and The John Paul II Centre.  The two-year training was held weekly at the John Paul II Centre.  The above leaders were assisted by Rev. Joseph Schner, S.J., and Rev. Monty Williams, S.J. The cost to the archdiocese was low due to donated time of team.  Ten participants of the program were commissioned as spiritual directors of the Archdiocese of Regina. 

1996 -1998: A second two-year Training Program for Spiritual Directors was led by Rev. Paul Dungan and Sr. Harriet Schnurr, SSND, assisted by Rev. Joseph Schner S.J., Shirley Pady, Marlene Miller, and Marcia McGovern. Cost to the archdiocese was again low because time of team was donated. Ten participants of the program were commissioned as spiritual directors by Archbishop Peter Mallon.

1998: Sr. Harriet Schnurr and Marlene Miller approach Maurice Reider regarding a yearly budget for Spiritual Direction which includes salary of Sr. Harriet, rental of rooms at the John Paul II Centre, related costs for retreats, reflection evenings and materials, costs for resource person(s) for ongoing renewal of spiritual directors, promotion, etc. which is approved.

2000: Sr. Harriet left the Archdiocese and there was no staff replacement. Marlene Miller acted as volunteer co-ordinator of activities of the group reporting to the Pastoral Director of the archdiocese. The group continuds to use facilities rented at the John Paul II Centre for group meetings and individual spiritual direction. The archdiocese continued to provide funds for ongoing education of spiritual directors through attendance at workshops and cost of books for the spiritual direction library.

2007-2009: On a volunteer basis the third two-year training program for Spiritual Directors was led by Marlene Miller and Judith Pellerin with assistance from all members of the spiritual directors group in areas of program planning, candidate discernment, spiritual direction of candidates, small group sharing, and retreat support. Volunteerism extended to being resource persons on particular topics of spirituality and spiritual direction. Other resource persons (not spiritual directors) were given a stipend for their time and expertise. 

The first year of the third training program was held at John Paul II Centre, and the group continued to use its facilities for retreats and meetings.  When John Paul II Centre closed, the second year of the program was held at St. Michael’s Retreat House.

2013-2015: Another two-year Spiritual Direction Formation program was held at St. Michael’s Retreat House. Eight Roman Catholic candidates and five from other denominations completed the program.

2017: Archdiocesan spiritual directors trained together to be able to offer the First Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius program in the archdiocese. It was then used in the Archdiocesan Lay Ministry Formation Program.

2018-2020: The fourth two-year training program for spiritual directors is now in process with 8 candidates. The organizing team of Karen and Dennis Ziegler, Marlene Miller and Stephanie Molloy is supported by the efforts of many other current spiritual directors and resource people.

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