Spiritual Direction

  • Are you wanting “something more” in your relationship with God?
  • Are you looking for someone to share your spiritual journey with?
  • Are you having a hard time praying or looking for new ways to pray?
  • Are you wondering what God might be calling you to?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, maybe Spiritual Direction is for YOU!

What exactly is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction can best be described as helping ordinary people like you and me see, accept and live out God’s presence in their lives.

Is Spiritual Direction something new?

No! Not at all!! Spiritual direction actually started in the 4th century with the Desert Fathers and Mothers in the Middle East.  It has continued on throughout the centuries and has included many great people such as John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Ignatius of Loyola and Thomas Merton. 

Spiritual direction, which was once the norm for all Christians, is an old practice that is being revived in the present day.

What happens during Spiritual Direction?

First of all, there’s nothing mysterious or magical about spiritual direction. It isn’t reading tea leaves or gazing into a crystal ball.

Instead, think of it as a conversation between friends.

You can expect your director to listen and ask reflective questions.  He or she will help you to pay attention to your daily and life experience so as to notice God’s nudges, invitations, challenges and confirmations.  Your director may also suggest resources for your prayer time.

What Will It Cost?

The recommended offering is $20 to $40. Please do not allow your financial situation to prevent you from seeking direction. This can be discussed at the initial interview.

How Do You Start?

The Archdiocese of Regina has commissioned spiritual directors for this ministry.  They are laypeople, sisters, priests, and ministers, from both Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences.

Following is a current posting of the spiritual directors of the Archdiocese of Regina. You may wish to choose one or you may wish to "interview" more than one person before choosing your director.

Click here for prayerful steps that may help you discern  How to Choose a Spiritual Director PDF file 


First Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola SJ

adapted by Michael Hansen  SJ

Michael HansenThe First Spiritual Exercises were created to help a person ask for and receive inner peace.

Who is God inviting to journey through the First Spiritual Exercises?

Everyone! This way of prayer is for Parishioners, young and senior, individuals, couples, partners, parents, grandparents, ministry teams, committees, students, colleagues, and friends.

What are the First Spiritual Exercises?

The “First Spiritual Exercises are a set of prayer exercises, structured in a four week program, with a particular dynamic by St. Ignatius.  They are a single, progressive and powerful experience of grace built around personal prayer at home and guided spiritual conversation in a small group.

What is expected of me?

This program is over weeks during your daily life.

The weekly commitment is to prayer on four days, Monday to Thursday.  These days are chosen because family and home commitments usually increase Friday to Sunday.  So, exercise over four days and break for the next three days but include the Sunday Eucharist with its small weekend exercise.  This will allow the seeds of the past week’s exercises to sleep in you and germinate.

Those making the First Spiritual Exercises meet weekly in a small group with a trained spiritual conversation guide, who leads the process of prayer, listening, sharing and discernment.

Do I need any qualifications to make the First Spiritual Exercises?

There is nothing in the First Spiritual Exercises, either of content or process that you cannot do.  In Ignatian exercising one always applies the exercises to one’s understanding or faith or well-being—to one’s reality.

It’s about a living relationship between you and God.

Who leads the First Spiritual Exercises?

Spiritual directors of the Archdiocese of Regina have been trained to journey with individuals and/or groups..  For more information and to make arrangements for yourself or a group contact Marlene Miller (306)999-2102) email:   emilyjaxsonataccesscomm [dot] com



History of Archdiocese of Regina Spiritual Direction to 2016

1988 - Sr. Harriet Schnurr SSND hired by Archdiocese as a part-time spiritual director.  Her duties included spiritual direction, workshops, and retreats.  Direction sessions were held in rented space at John Paul II Centre.  Stipends were paid to the Diocese as recovery.

1992 - 1994 - Jesuit Community decides to gift the Diocese with atraining program for spiritual directors (Jubilee Year of Jesuit Order).  Rev. Paul Dungan, S.J. and Sr. Harriet Schnurr, SSND, approached Archbishop Charles Halpin who approves the program.  The Training Program is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Regina, Campion College and The John Paul II Centre.  The two-year training is held weekly at the John Paul II Centre.  The above leaders are assisted by Rev. Joseph Schner, S.J., and Rev. Monty Williams, S.J.   Low cost to Diocese due to donated time of team.  Ten participants of the program are commissioned as spiritual directors of the Archdiocese of Regina. 

1996 -1998 - A second two-year Training Program for Spiritual Directors begins led by Rev. Paul Dungan and Sr. Harriet Schnurr, SSND, assisted by Rev. Joseph Schner S.J., Shirley Pady, Marlene Miller, and Marcia McGovern   Low cost to Diocese because time of team is donated.  Ten participants of the program are commissioned as spiritual directors by Archbishop Peter Mallon

1998 - Yearly Budget for Spiritual Direction begins.  Sr. Harriet Schnurr and Marlene Miller approach Maurice Reider regarding a yearly budget for Spiritual Direction which includes salary of Sr. Harriet, rental of rooms at the John Paul II Centre, related costs for retreats, reflection evenings and materials, costs for resource person(s) for ongoing renewal of spiritual directors, promotion, etc. which is approved.

2000 – Sr.  Harriet leaves the Archdiocese with no staff replacement.  Marlene Miller acts as volunteer co-ordinator of activities of the group reporting to the Pastoral Director of the Diocese.  Group continues to use facilities rented at the John Paul II Centre for group meetings and individual spiritual direction. Archdiocese continues to provide funds for ongoing education of spiritual directors through attendance at workshops and cost of books for the spiritual direction library.

2007-2009  - On a volunteer basis the third two-year training program for Spiritual Directors is led by Marlene Miller and Judith Pellerin with assistance from all members of the spiritual directors group in areas of program planning, candidate discernment, spiritual direction of candidates, small group sharing, retreat support.  Volunteerism extends to being resource persons on particular topics of spirituality and spiritual direction.  Other resource persons (not spiritual directors) were given a stipend for their time and expertise. 

The first year of the program of the third training program was held at John Paul II Centre.  The group continued to use its facilities for retreats and meetings.  When John Paul II Centre closed, the second year of the program was held at St. Michael’s Retreat House with added costs to candidates for one night accommodations.  There was an added cost for four team members for accommodation and meals.

Spiritual Directors presently hold meetings in their homes and do individual spiritual direction in their homes.  No cost for space to the Archdiocese. 

2013-2015 - Another two-year Spiritual Direction Formation program was held at St. Michael’s Retreat House.  Thirteen candidates, eight Roman Catholic and five from other denominations complete the program and were certified by the Archdiocese.

There are presently (2016) twenty-three Roman Catholic spiritual directors serving the Diocese.  Eight spiritual directors of other denominations are welcomed to meet monthly with spiritual directors for prayer, faith sharing and support.  Spiritual direction has always been ecumenical.  Sr. Harriet gave spiritual direction to persons of other denominations.  Two persons in each training program were of another denomination.  Many of the spiritual directors have clients of other denominations.  A total of 31 spiritual directors are available of which six were trained in other programs.

Services provided by Spiritual Directors to the Archdiocese of Regina                                                      

  • Training program for new spiritual directors.
  • On-going spiritual direction of individuals referred to them (Spiritual Directors give direction at a cost affordable to the people they see, some gratis.  Stipends range from $20 to $40).  Presently intakes and referrals are done by Karen Ziegler and Marlene Miller.  The number of directees per director varies from two persons to as many as fifteen per month.
  • Directors journey with persons through the Annotations 19 Program of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  This program takes approximately 34 weeks with direction once a week.  Stipends vary according to the ability of the person to pay.
  • Spiritual direction of participants of the Lay Formation Program.  This is a two-year monthly commitment of time.  Directors may companion gratis one or two persons.
  • Personal spiritual direction for Year I of the Lay Formation Program at their annual weekend retreat
  • Directors conduct retreats, reflection evenings, (workshops at John Paul II Centre in the past), at St. Michael’s Retreat House, for parishes (RCIA, CWL, ALPHA) and for groups from other denominations.
  • Until 2008 six-day Personally- directed retreats were conducted by a team of spiritual directors at the John Paul II Centre.   This is not possible now because a facility is not available.

If you desire to talk to someone about your search, please feel welcome to call Karen Ziegler 789-0238 or Marlene Miller 586-0640




Archdiocese of Regina Spiritual Directors


Elizabeth Courchene

I live in Regina.I am a Roman Catholic lay person.I was commissioned in the Lay Formation Program in 1996.I am a graduate of the Spiritual Formation program of the Archdiocese of Regina  and was commissioned as a Spiritual Director 2009.Since that I have been providing Spiritual Direction  in my home.I participated in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius under the supervision of my own Spiritual Director.I have guided three people through these exercises.Being a Spiritual Director has helped me in my own spiritual journey. I would welcome additional directees.I prefer to met with people during the day rather than evenings. My  phone number (306) 949 3865, Email re.courchene@sasktel 

Cara Driscoll

Cara Driscoll

I am a professional artist /spiritual director, graduating from the Prairie Jubilee Program for Spiritual Formation in 2010.   Hand- coiled clay vessels is the area of art making I am best known for.   Several women from the bible have been made into clay vessels.    I am also a retreat facilitator presenting on themes of creativity and women of the bible.  I currently work out of my studio in Regina, Sask. Creativity and spirituality are integrally united and help me towards deepening my relationship with God and with others.  It is my hope to share the skills I have learned in creativity to guide others on their spiritual journey.  Spiritual Direction takes place in the artist’s studio. Contact information:  caragayatcaradriscoll [dot] ca  (306) 352-7931 Denomination:  protestant with an ecumenical spirit



Deacon Eric Gurash

Regina, SK. Telephone: (306) 527-3275 Spiritual Affiliation: Catholic (Roman). A graduate of Newman Theological College and 10-year veteran of parish ministry. I have been practicing as a Spiritual Director for the Archdiocese of Regina since 2009 having successfully completed our 2 year diocesan 'Contemplative Listening - Ministry of Spiritual Direction' program. My practice of spiritual direction is definitely, though not exclusively, Ignatian in character.

Contemplative ListeningI have experience in a variety of prayer traditions and practices; the Spiritual Exercises, Ignatian Discernment, the Spirituality of Dreams and working with individuals who are involved in professional counseling, and/or 12-step programs such as AA. I firmly believe that my role as a Spiritual Director is primarily that of humble and compassionate listener. At all times, the direction of our visits, and all goals are left entirely in your hands and God's.


Claire Himbeault, RNDM

I am a Roman Catholic Sister.  After some years of teaching and of Leadership in my Religious Community, I became certified as a Spiritual Director through a two year course, Shekinah, given at St. Benedict’s Monastery, Winnipeg.  I have been in the ministry of Spiritual Direction since 2001, working in Winnipeg, Brandon and the Philippines.  I now live in Regina at Cathedral Courts, 204, 3225 - 13th Avenue.  The setting where I give Spiritual Direction is a special room in the apartment where I live.  I have experience in accompanying persons on an 8 day retreat and the 30 day Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  I am affiliated to Contemplative Outreach and am qualified to present the Introductory Workshop in Centering Prayer.  I speak French fluently. My e-mail address is himboclaireatgmail [dot] com  and my telephone number is (306) 352 6981. 

Barb Wright


Barb Wright

I am an Anglican lay person, wife and mother. In 2015, I completed the Archdiocese of Regina two- year Contemplative Listening Spiritual Direction Formation program. I live in Estevan and provide direction within my local church building.  Barb [dot] wrightatsasktel [dot] net (306) 634–3809


Ingrid Prost

I am a Roman Catholic laywoman commissioned as a Spiritual Director in 2015 after taking the two year training program offered by the Archdiocese of Regina.

Being involved in several parish ministries had strengthen my desire to learn more about my own faith. In 2008 I started the Lay Ministry Formation Program which I finished in 2011. During this time I was exposed to Spiritual Direction. Afterwards I felt called to explore this ministry more deeply. I love this journey God has put me on through scripture and music and I am open to see where it might lead me. It is truly a privilege to journey with another person in faith.

Providing the Spiritual Direction to both men and women in the safe setting of my home in Yorkton, SK.

 I can be contacted via e-mail  Ingrid@yorktondigital or (306) 783-7499.

Fr. Krofchek

Fr. Rick Krofchek

Resurrection Parish, Regina SK. (306) 352-0800
Email: officeatresurrectionparish [dot] ca ( )officeatresurrectionparish [dot] ca

officeatresurrectionparish [dot] ca (Beverly Makar)

Beverly Makar

My Name is Beverly Makar and I am a Disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.  My passion is to encourage and inspire people in their identity in Christ by journeying with them towards God and wholeness.  I was commissioned through the Archdiocese of Regina in 2015 as a Spiritual Director, and have completed the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius.  I am presently working through being commissioned as a Stephen Minister and certification as a Heart Physics Coach.  Contact Information: bmakaratsasktel [dot] net (bmakar@sas)bmakaratsasktel [dot] net (ktel.net) phone number (306) 536-1437

Pat Laturnas

Pat Laturnas

I have been offering spiritual direction in my home since completing the training program in 2015. I am also able to lead others through the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Although I am a Roman Catholic, I grew up in the Greek Catholic tradition. I am open to journeying with others from various faith backgrounds. I feel blessed to be able to share and deepen another's walk with God. 

I live on an acreage that is a 10 minute drive east of Regina. I can be reached at (306) 781-4261 or platurnasathotmail [dot] com.

Karen McBride





Karen McBride

I am a Roman Catholic layperson, providing spiritual direction from a private office in my home in Regina. I graduated from the Spiritual Direction Formation Program, Queen’s House, Saskatoon in July 2017, and I am a member of Spiritual Directors International. I am currently enrolled in Lay Formation through the Archdiocese of Regina.

 As a spiritual director, I am keenly aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit and I feel blessed by each opportunity to be a companion listener to those with whom I journey.  I am available to journey with directees from all faith backgrounds and cultures.

 My husband is an Anglican priest; he and I served two lengthy volunteer missions in Malawi, Africa, as well as shorter volunteer missions to Ghana and Burundi. I consider my volunteer experiences in developing countries to be among the most grace filled moments of my life.

 I can be reached at kerriemargatgmail [dot] com or (306) 522-9088.

Trish McCarthy

Rev. Dr. Trish McCarthy

I have been in the spiritual direction ministry for 11 years and in the Anglican ordained ministry for  20 years, I have enjoyed many diverse contexts. I also teach Pastoral Theology since I have a Doctorate of Ministry from Sewanee, TN. My D.Min, project is called Empowerment for Pastoral Care: Enhancing the Ministry of the Baptized. My premise of operating is that pastoral caregiving is front-line spiritual direction. I find that many people who are discerning a vocation come to me, so I have much experience in this area of discernment. With a heart for Indigenous people in the journey towards wholeness, and self-determination, I have taught in First Nation Ministry settings and I am delighted to be a support. With the ability and some knowledge to minister in a multi-cultural context, I appreciate the diversity of cultures in Regina. Having journeyed with several people in the spiritual steps of their Alcoholic Anonymous program, this too is of interest. With Victim Service Volunteer and hospital chaplaincy experience, I often work in an interdisciplinary and consultative way and have ample experience in Ministry to people who have experienced Trauma. My Spiritual Director formation is through Mount Carmel – Haden Institute out of Niagara Falls, Ontario as well as several Spirituality courses in the Doctorate program. I attended the Spiritual Directors’ International Conference 2011:  “Cultivating Compassion” in Atlanta, GA. I meet with my own Spiritual Director and consult a Spiritual Direction Supervisor regularly. I prefer the quiet of our home Environment in which to provide direction sessions but can accommodate the request of an (church) office setting. I can be contacted at (306) 435-8378 tmccarthyatsasktel [dot] net

Marlene Miller

Marlene Miller

I am a Roman Catholic wife, mother, grandmother who was commissioned in 1994 to the ministry of Spiritual Direction in the Archdiocese of Regina after completing a two-year training program.   The program was led by Jesuits and based on Ignatian Spirituality.  Since then I have journeyed with numerous people as they prayed with the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  Other education that has been of value in spiritual direction is BA Honours in Religious Studies, Pastoral Studies Certificate, seminars on topics such as Dreams, Sexuality, Healing of Hurts, Addictions and others.  I am  familiar with the 12 Step Program and have listened to  5th step sharing.  I believe that contemplative listening in the spiritual direction process assists others to grow in their relationship with God. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan. Phone 306-999-2102    email:  emilyjaxsonataccesscomm [dot] ca

Stephane Molloy

Stephanie Molloy, B.A., M.Div., M.Th.

I have been providing spiritual accompaniment for several years, beginning with ten years in professional parish ministry, and continuing in university chaplaincy until my retirement in December 2017. I currently offer spiritual direction out of my home to people of all (or no particular) spiritual traditions. My ministry also includes teaching and leading retreats and workshops in a variety of areas.

Trained in Ignatian spirituality, spiritual direction, and theology, I believe that each person has been created in wholeness to be loved and to love, and that God is in all things. My greatest desire is to help people see the boundless love our Creator has for each of us, particularly those on the margins.

I can be contacted at s [dot] molloyatsasktel [dot] net, and we let the Holy Spirit take it from there.

Shirley Pady

Shirley Pady

Spiritual Direction has been both a gift and a privilege. It has given me the opportunity to personally receive guidance in my own life and after training to receive the knowledge which enables me to contemplatively accompany another on their journey of discovery.
Speaking openly and prayerfully helps the directees to become aware of their own growing relationship with God as they work through both the joys and sorrows of their own life experiences.
The training I received was based on Ignatian Spirituality, but I have since attended many conferences dealing with such topics as addictions, inner child transformation,and grief work. 
I have been a spiritual director since 1994. Regina, (306) 545-3139. E-mail: Spadyataccesscomm [dot] ca


Judith Pellerin

My name is Judith Pellerin and I am a Roman Catholic lay woman.  I took part in a two-year training program from 1996- 1998, at the end of which I was commissioned as a spiritual director for the Archdiocese of Regina. In addition to the two-year training program, I have a B.A. in religious studies, and have taken part in additional seminars and workshops with a focus on how they relate to spiritual direction. These include addictions, healing of hurts, dreams, and sexuality.  I am also comfortable directing persons of other faiths.

In addition to monthly sessions with my directees, I have accompanied persons through the Ignatian Exercises, as well as facilitated retreats for various groups.  I can be contacted at (306) 924-0577 or kenjuatsasktel [dot] net.


Carol Sheldon, 
Associate with the School Sisters of Notre Dame

I was commissioned as a Spiritual Director for the Archdiocese of Regina in 1998.  Through helping with retreats, journeying with directees to consciously begin or deepen their spiritual lives, and walking with several through the exercises of St Ignatius, I have seen how each human being is called in a unique way to experience God's love and presence in their lives to reach their fullest potential.  I can be reached at carol [dot] sheldonatsasktel [dot] net or (306) 545-3185.


Dennis Ziegler

I have been journeying with people looking to begin a relationship with or deepen their relationship with God since 2001 through the Alpha program.  In 2009 I was commissioned by the Archdiocese of Regina as a Spiritual Director after completing a 2 year Spiritual Director training program.  I completed extra training to be able to guide people through the spiritual exercises of St Ignatius.  I have journeyed with several through the exercises since then.  I have experience in directing retreats as well.  I am humbled to be able to journey with someone in his or her faith life.  It is an awesome privilege and a gift from God.  I am a Roman Catholic layman married to Karen. I work as a professional in a large corporate enterprise.  I offer Spiritual Direction in my home in Regina and can be contacted at (306) 789-0238 or d [dot] ziegleratsasktel [dot] net

Karen Ziegler, BTh

I have been blessed as a hospital chaplain to accompany disabled, ill, suffering, dying and grieving people on their spiritual journey until my retirement in 2018.  I enjoy leading people through the Ignatian spiritual exercises and directed retreats.  I believe that each companioning experience opens us to a deeper awareness of God’s presence and love in every aspect of life.  I am married to Dennis.  We have five grown children.  I am a gramma!  My home is Regina and I can be reached at (306) 527-2738 or k [dot] ziegleratsasktel [dot] net


Teresa Whelan-Lux

I am a married Roman Catholic lay woman, commissioned by the Archdiocese of Regina as a Spiritual Director in 1998 after completing the two year training program.  Over the years,   I have worked in a variety of ministries in the Archdiocese including religious education, sacramental preparation and parish pastoral ministry. In addition to meeting monthly with directees, I have been privileged to  journey with folks through Annotation 19 of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  I have a special interest in journeying with mothers who are seeking to deepen their experience of God’s presence through their vocation as parent. I currently provide Spiritual Direction in my home in Regina, and can be contacted at (306) 789-3669 or by emailing 3tsatsasktel [dot] net .

Holtslander Jennifer

Jennifer Holtslander

Hello! My name is Jennifer Holtslander. I have had the privilege of journeying with people in the midst of life. In the process I have come to value deep community connections, shared tears and laughter, and the telling of our stories. I am ecumenical and value the strengths that different streams of faith bring to spiritual growth. Who are you? Who is your God? How is God leading you? What is God growing in your life right now? I welcome the to opportunity to get to know you and to journey with you as you begin or deepen your relationship with the Divine. If you would like more information or would like to be in touch please go to jenniferholtslander.com

Sheila Wood

Sheila Wood

My name is Sheila Wood.  I am a Roman Catholic lay woman, wife and mother. I was commissioned as a Spiritual Director in 2015 after completing the two year Contemplative Listening - Ministry of Spiritual Direction Program offered by the Archdiocese of Regina. As a continuation of my training I am learning to journey with others through Annotation 19 of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. I had the great opportunity to journey with my husband, Barry, as he studied to be a Deacon.  He was ordained in Toronto in 2008, and as a result of this journey I received my Diploma in Theological Studies. I have experience journeying with others through the RCIA program as well as other women of faith. My greatest joy is to listen to others as they discover God in their lives.

Call me - we can talk. My cell: (306) 551-6498 Or my email: shelwoodatsasktel [dot] net

Susan Askin

Susan Askin 

I am a Christian belonging to the Roman Catholic faith tradition. I have been trained by the Archdiocese of Regina to provide Spiritual Direction and to guide directees through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. I am open to journey with those of other religious affiliations and am also familiar with 12 Step Spirituality. If you have questions or would like to meet to explore this ministry further, I can be reached ats [dot] askinatsasktel [dot] net ( ) or by phone at (306) 541-8086.